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WATTUP MY DUDES! Okay so it’s been a while I know, basically the past couple of months has been crazy. I became an aunt so that is #lit and my nephew, Yossi, is the cutest thing in the world (see picture to the side). He was born on 10/15/16 and he is now two months old and I wish he didn’t live in Budapest, but that means I just have an excuse to go to Budapest more often now. Okay, let’s see what else is new… Well I am halfway through most of my 11th grade classes so I am planning to be done with junior year in March or April. This is really exciting but also terrifying because like that means I need to start thinking about college which is just a scary thought. I am also really excited to start searching for colleges because I think it will be fun, but I really don’t want to go through the application process. In other news, Chanukah is 6 days away and I think I am gonna do ‘Vlognukah’, for those of you who don’t know what this is… It is like ‘Vlogmas’. This is something that youtubers and bloggers do during the holidays, basically for an excuse to make a vlog everyday but who really cares. So I am planning to do this during the 8 days of Chanukah. A new vlog every day during Chanukah… should be interesting. I think it will be fun and it will probably just be videos of me being really stupid, but those are the best videos lets be real. Knowing me, I will probably get really distracted and not end up doing ‘Vlognukah’, so if I don’t end up doing it then you all have permission to yell at me. ALSO, I GOT A SUPER CUTE SWEATER FOR CHANUKAH!! LOOK! It lights up, I don’t know if you can really tell in the picture but it is so cute (thanks mom). My life really isn’t that exciting so bare with me as I think of other things that have been going on in my life. Hmmmm… OH I KNOW. I just got a cat the other day!! His name is Charlie Blue Fried and he is 2 pounds and 2 months old (fun fact: he was born the day before my nephew, Yossi). He is all white with blue eyes and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I mean look at him. If you want to see a variety of cute pictures of him feel free to message me or leave a comment because I have a lot. Honestly this blog is basically just an excuse for me to show you cute pictures of me and other various things. OMG, if you like makeup then you will enjoy this part. Yesterday, I bought BECCA Champagne Pop Highlight. It is honestly the prettiest thing I own right now and I may have cried will purchasing it. No, I didn’t spend $38 on it, I had a $15 gift card so technically I only spent $23. Plz don’t judge me. I love the Holiday season because it is literally an excuse for me to spoil my friends and family and to treat myself #noregrets. If you are still reading this blog then you da real MVP because this is honestly such a shit show of a blog. I can’t really think of any other exciting things happening in my life so stay tuned for the next blog, Thanks for reading friends. I love you all. Bye.