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Oh Well, Hi, Hey There, Hello!

Have you got some place to go? Cause you should say because my blog is awesome. (if you got that joke, I love you).

Life Update?

WATTUP MY DUDES! Okay so it’s been a while I know, basically the past couple of months has been crazy. I became an aunt so that is #lit and my nephew, Yossi, is the cutest thing in the world (see picture to the side). He was born on 10/15/16 and he is now two months...

Five of my Favorite Slam Poems

Slam poetry is legiterally (this is a new word I made up: legitimately and literally, amazing I know.) my favorite thing in this world. I didn't really have an idea for a blog to write so I decided to share my love of slam poems with the world, or the ten people who...